great display

Because we have a shop, we are always looking for fun and original displays. This is an amazing and original way to display your frames! we love…

crazy but fun

this outfit is crazy, but so much fun!

festival style

don’t you love these girls and there festival style… 

the ‘we are too beautiful’ campaign

One of our good friends came up with a great campaign when her company and BoWeevil, a small Dutch pioneering company, found out  that Abercrombie & Fitch only wants to sell to the cool and beautiful people and would rather burn their clothes then give it to the poor. She got a little excited and agitated…. and created… Read more »

LOVE her jewelry

Giovanna Battaglia is one of our favorites… The former model made the transition to editor for Italian Vogue and freelance fashion stylist. Love her style, and her jewelry…

great new brand

We have a great new brand available in our shop ANNA + NINA in Amsterdam. We sell lots of jewelry there and we are always looking for a new brand. We found this one called Maison Irem and we love it!  

work space

wouldn’t you love a workspace like that, filled with sunlight…