in love with Bali

As some of you might know, Jewelrocks is made in Bali. We decided to take a trip to Bali and meet Imelda Widjaja, the founder of Jewelrocks and also the designer. We have had such an amazing trip so far.

We have met every one who works at Jewelrocks, as everything is handmade, that are a lot of people. We took ‘ stroopwafels ‘ for all of them, which is a Dutch type of biscuit and they all loved it. Who ever wants to live in Bali, there might be a business there…

We’ve spent some time in Lumiere Voyage, which is their own shop in Seminyak. An amazing and very inspiring shop, you just feel like you’re in a candy store filled with little treasures. After seeing headquarters and talking business, we have spent some time with Imelda at the beach (oh, how we love our job) and talking about future plans. We might be adding earrings to the collections! Very exciting.







We have made a little weekend trip to Uluwatu, a surf hang out for die hards, where we had a beach villa with a great view, so we could watch the waves. In seminyak and changu we have had dinner at some amazing restaurants and places, one great place is a bar called Revolver, it’s supposed to be new. There interior is very cool and the coffee is amazing. Last night  we watched the sunset at Ku’De’Ta and we had dinner and cocktails at Mantra, which is a great place. Especially great cocktails.

Today we’re having breakfast with the Jewelrocks team and after that we can spend a few more hours at the beach, before heading back to Amsterdam!